• Wodon Chromium carbide overlay wear plates

    Wodon Chromium carbide overlay wear plates

    Chromium carbide overlay wear plates are a revolutionary new type of protective equipment that offer several advantages over traditional methods. They provide superior resistance to abrasion, impact, and corrosion while still being lightweight and easy to install. The ch...
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  • Bimetal chromium carbide wear steel plate for cement plant

    We wrote our opinion on the best drills in general – for wood, metal, concrete, etc. In this review, we wanted to determine the best drill for working with metal. This includes hardened steel, stainless steel, aluminum, etc. We even wanted to see what bits work well with hardened cylinder ...
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  • chromium carbide abrasion resistant plate

    We use cookies to improve your experience. By continuing to browse this site, you agree to our use of cookies. Additional Information. The wear characteristics of these coatings differ from each other, but are superior to those of conventional austenitic steel, hardened steel, or any other type ...
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  • History of Arc Welding Lincoln Electric Automotive

    Mercedes-Benz, the first officially recognized car with a gasoline engine, was born in 1886. This car was born in the hands of the German inventor Karl Benz (yes, the same Benz from Mercedes-Benz). This industrial revolution would not have been possible for Mercedes-Benz without the use of arc w...
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  • Carbitex expands range of flexible carbon fiber running shoes for work and sports | Composites World

    Based on the Carbitex AFX platform, the new puncture-resistant technology makes its debut in the labor and utility market, with AFX Formed featured in running shoes. Carbitex (Kennewick, WA, USA) is expanding its flexible AFX technology platform for athletic shoes with two carbon fiber innovatio...
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  • WD1200 CCO Wear plate

    WD1200 CCO Wear plate

      WD1200 wear plate which can be used for severe abrasion applications. * Chromium carbide overlay wear resistant plate * By submerged arc welding technology * Chemical Composition: C: 3.0-7.0% Cr: 25-45% * Chromium carbide Cr7C3 volume fraction about 50% * The thickness of wear resistant ...
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  • Supplies Corner: Diagnosing Stainless Steel Flux Core Welding Failures

            Why do single-pass stainless steel welds using FCAW consistently fail inspections?David Meyer and Rob Koltz take a closer look at the reasons for these failures.Getty Images Q: We are repairing welded steel scrapers in a dryer system in a wet environment.Our welds fa...
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  • China OEM China Wear Resistant Material Mining Welding Chromium Carbide Overlay Wear Steel Plate Nm500 Ar500 Alloy Steel Plate Wear Resistant Steel Plateod

    Stainless steel offers many material advantages in a range of industrial applications, but the machining technique chosen can affect the quality and integrity of parts made from this versatile metal. This article evaluates the rationale for the use of stainless steel in a range of parts and asse...
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  • Vertical mixer liner in Cement industry

    Vertical mixer liner in Cement industry

     Vertical mixer liner in Cement industry        We are excited to present WD1200 CCO wear plate which can protect your equipment to fighting sliding wear,         you will gain months or even years of additional service life. In result, you will save money with less maintenance         and no m...
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  • China Coal & Mining Expo 2021

    China Coal & Mining Expo 2021

    China Coal & Mining Expo 2021 第十九届中国国际煤炭采矿技术交流及设备展览会 China Coal & Mining Expo has established for more than 30 years. The organizers uphold the mission to offer value exhibitionservices and to build a global coal mining industry platform. We provide one-stop service...
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  • Relative hardness of Materials and Minerals

    Relative hardness of Materials and Minerals

    Relative hardness of Materials and Minerals    1.  Diamond  2. Boron carbide  3. Vanadium carbide  4. Silicon carbide  5. Titanium carbide  6. Corundum  7. Tungsten carbide  8. Molybdenum carbide  9. Chromium carbide 10. Emery 11....
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  • Wear Part Fabrication-Bending

    Wear Part Fabrication-Bending

    Wear Part Fabrication Wodon wear plates are used to make many complex wear parts to be positioned in high wear places.We have several equipments to transform our plates: 12 sets of plasma cutting machines, 12 bending machines and pressing machines,with high processing capacity operated by engine...
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